Elderberry Fusion 
Shot of our Elderberry Hooch 
with cranberry juice and Katalyst Kombucha. 
Super immune boosting cocktail!

Cranberry Citrus Sour 
Bourbon, cranberry juice
fresh orange and lemon juice, splash of seltzer

The Drunken Yogi 
Chai Whiskey and organic half & half
simple syrup, either shaken or frozen

Smokey Valley Mezcal 
El Buho Mezcal, bitters, fresh lemon and 
orange juice on the rocks, smoked salt and chili rim

The Sugarbush
Rum, local maple syrup, seltzer

Rosemary Pine Martini 
Our rosemary and pine infusion (gin or vodka)
 vermouth, lemon zest

Cherry Cola 
 GUS cola with a shot of our own Black Cherry Bomb Whiskey
 garnished with candied boozy cherries 

The Bitter End
Our River Pirate’s infused rum, 
Amaro, local Botanica Chicory Cherry bitters
seltzer, orange twist



Ultra Ginger Detox
Barrow’s Intense Ginger liqueur, whiskey, lemon juice
organic cayenne, Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer

Tropical Breeze
Pineapple juice, coconut rum, dark rum
organic half & half, lime

Cosmic Clementine
Our River Pirate’s infused rum, Izze clementine spritzer
orange garnish

Our favorite, half Kaltalyst Kombucha 
and half Ginger Libation



We have an ever rotating selection of local craft brews on tap 


 HARD CIDER by Artifact


GINGER LIBATION by Artisan Beverage Cooperative



Frostbite Hot Chocolate
Organic cocoa, organic half & half
our Frostbite infused vodka, whipped cream

Moonman Toddy
A hot lemon, local honey toddy, 
with a shot of Fire on the Mountain whiskey

Hot Coffee Anisette
Organic fair trade coffee 
with a shot of our own anisette liqueur 

Celtic Joe
Organic fair trade coffee, organic half & half
Jameson Irish whiskey



River Pirate’s Rum - a cozy little rum with orange peel and clove 

Elderberry Hooch - wild harvested elderberry, schisandra berries and 
echinacea in vodka, an immune boosting shot for the coming winter

Chai Whiskey - foraged chaga mushroom, organic cinnamon, clove,
black and green cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, 
black tea, local organic ginger

Black Cherry Bomb - whiskey infused with organic 
black cherries and organic sugar

Fire on the Mountain - whiskey and maple syrup infused with 
chilis peppers and cinnamon sticks

Root Cellar Anisette (like sambuca) - star anise, anise seed, 
fennel seed, licorice, organic sugar

Frostbite Vodka - a fierce minty infusion of peppermint,
spearmint and wintergreen



WINE and PROSECCO by the glass




Reeds Extra Ginger Beer 

Virgil's Root Beer 

Gus Sodas  (cola, cranberry lime, gingerale, lemon)  

Cranberry or Orange Juice  

Organic Hot Chocolate w/whipped cream 

Katalyst Kombucha

French Press Organic / Fair Trade Coffee 

Bottled Water